Thursday, 8 December 2011

Meet and Greet Barney

Brought the kids to united square for a meet and greet session today. They met Fireman Sam, Pingu and of course the star - Barney and friends! Jazz had fun singing and dancing to the songs. Jare was excited over them too. As usual, we couldn't make it for the meet and greet pass, they were fully redeemed even though we were 20 minutes early. I can't believe those who got the passes have queued and waited with their kids for that long. We were glad enough to catch the musical. Having been to many meet and greet sessions in the past, this is one of the best organised. 

The stage area was sealed and a queue must be form to enter on a first come, first serve basis. The entrance was opened about 15 minutes before the musical begin. It was a long long queue, but we managed to get in for a seat space on the carpet. Being able to sit is of great deal to us, especially lugging a tot and a wriggling crawler. No adults were standing and most kids were seated all the time. This made viewing fuss free for us.
My best moment when both were seated well in the car
All concentration on the show
The Finale
The musical lasted for 30 minutes, isn't it of great worth?!!! At the end of it, Jazz hinted us to get her a Barney plush toy, but we brushed it aside. Her bed is getting smaller from these squashy occupants. She has too many soft toys!

Targeting to meet angry birds and care bears next.

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