Friday, 16 December 2011

Met Sesame!

The Best show ever - Meet and Greet with Sesame friends! It was at Plaza Singapura, still running till 18 Dec 11. It was a last minute decision to go for it on a Thursday evening. After having lunch with my colleagues at PS, and having spent more than $30 over our lunch, I had the privilege to redeem the meet and greet pass at 6pm that evening, for the 7pm show. Thanks ladies! I left work 15 mins earlier just so to redeem the pass, and I got it! Was so delighted.

The show was marvelous! There were Bert, Ernie, Cookie Monster and Elmo! It lasted for about 30mins, and the casts performed a number of songs. The kids enjoyed, and so did I.

The queue started to form at about 45mins before the show, but I joined only 30mins before that. After which, they opened the entrance for us, we got in that little space area and spent 25mins waiting for the show to begin. I wondered how to keep the kids occupied, but time just ticked over soon, and show began. Prior to the show proper, the host went round asking the kids what their favourite Sesame street characters were. Jazz spoke through the mic, "Cookie Monster!" And I thought she had always loved Elmo. Hmm...

Here are some pictures of that evening:
They're Ernie, Cookie Monster, Elmo and Bert!
Jare was dancing to the songs!

They were all focused on the casts

The precious meet and greet pass

I love being up there with these colourful casts!

If you have not caught this musical, go for it. It really is worth the time. After everything, we headed home on a one stop train ride. It's Jare's first train ride! I'm glad we stayed along the NE line. SMRT trains were stucked - Phew! Can you imagine being trapped in train, with kids and poor ventilation? How can that ever happen!

Uploaded some videos for viewing. 

 Wishing everyone a Merry Christmas!

 Cookie Monster performed his hit song

How fun is December!

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