Thursday 29 December 2011

Moving beyond toddlerhood

Today marks Jazz's last day in school before 'promoting' into a new class, at a new place. I'm already beginning to miss the children I see almost everyday when we send her to and fro school. Last week, we met up with her teacher for a short meet the parents session. As usual, her teacher's ever sharing the positives of Jazz, as well as some class jokes they had. Not that she's very well behaved in school, but educators are always encouraging.

We were also given her scrapbooks, which upon seeing, I do feel a little short changed for Jare. He's missing out so much, compared to when Jazz was at his age. Time time, more time please, I want to home school him. We were given two scrapbooks of her 2.5 years school journey, from 2009 to 2011. I thought it was only 1.5 years, until I recently realised, it was more than 2 solid years in there.

 Some excerpts from her scrapbooks:
Her prints have grown
Her infant days - She was my little baby
Little things amazes her
Her toddler days
Her musically inclined moments
Her various emotions
Her artworks! Wow, she's really doing something in school.
My favourite creation of all, because it looked real!

Farewell friends, teachers and principal. These little children's path may or may not cross again, but it was a wonderful journey for Jazz and us. I wish every child the best and may they all grow to be the best seed planted in their parents' life.

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