Saturday, 17 December 2011

My boy is 10 months

Jare is 10 months young today. He's getting really mischievous and extremely adventurous. He fell from our high bed, not once but twice! He's too swift for us now. Actually, our bad for not being cautious about him. He is much more active than Jazz, I recall. He would climb chairs, tables and any high steps, but Jazz wouldn't. My goodness!
Climbing on rocker!

Climbing on chair

Attempt to stand on chair!!!
To date, he has taken more than 5 walking steps. Slowly but surely. He has 4 teeth, 2 upper front and 2 bottom front. Sometimes, when he leans over my shoulder, he would bite me, ouchy. He has also depleted my most natural form of milk - breast milk. There's just only one last pack of reserve in my freezer. My breastfeeding career is officially over. 
Love that smile!
Looking at his growth, 2 more months to his Big One, I've realised how fast time has flown past. Tiny baby is growing to become a little toddler, and soon chatty like his big sister. Looking at them, there's this constant comforting thought that my 2 are just nice. I'm so indecisive about getting rid of all their outgrown books, toys and clothes, till now I'm not sure if they need another playmate to grow along.    

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