Thursday, 29 December 2011

Reaching 11th month

Little boy is moving towards his 11th month-er mark, about another half more months to be exact. And soon a year! He can now do little actions - bye, blow you a flying kiss, nod his head and going xi (trained for CNY). He's a very good walker now and taking things away from him, makes him cries loudly. Really loud! His hair has grown, and I've attempted to trim once for him. Waiting for a chance to execute my second attempt.

Insist on chewing his candy cane with wrapper on

Has he got the mischievous look with those toys lying all over?
He started walking earlier than Jazz, but learned to sign slower than Jazz. He babbles proper words earlier than Jazz, and some of his first words include 'Jie jie' and 'Daddy.' Everyone, but me!

And today, he had a little fall, he tried to climb onto me while I was sitting on the floor, his hand slipped and smacked his face onto the floor. His nose bled! I got a shocked and almost wanted to rush him to KKH. Then I saw my man smiling at him, wiping the blood away, I think I overacted. Salute all men who are always cool and calm. Looking that he was fine, still smiley and playful, I calmed down a little. I remembered, babies' nose lining contains tiny blood vessels that causes them to bleed easily at the slightest hurt, so chill. 

Little boy is really so much more active than big sis, I wouldn't think too hard about putting him on helmet at all times, except during sleep.

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