Saturday, 31 December 2011

School Orientation

Brought Jazz to her new school premise for an orientation today. Her teachers and ourselves have been talking to her about moving onto a new school with bigger playground, the only thing that made her look forward to. And she's beginning this new class next week. I'm pretty nervous for her. I seriously hope she'll do fine with the new environment and new routines:

I got a little worried when the school mentioned that dinner will not be served, because she usually takes her dinner 430pm at the toddler's class. We would pick her from 630pm onward and by the time we get home, it will be a very late dinner for her. I hope this is will work fine for her tummy. 

Breakfast starts at 8:30am, when it was 9am previously. We need to send her in earlier, if not, she'll be hungry till lunch! Changes affects parents too. Gonna try waking up earlier and no more late night sleeps for her.  
The big big playground
Her classroom with all chairs labelled with child's name
She's having great fun with the slide!

And she met a friend, they laughed so much while playing together!

Mummy to you:  
"Zelle, you've grown and progressed so much! It feels like a more serious environment you've got into. I wonder if playgroup is really all about play. I know you'll re-visit letterland and revise some familiar lessons u did previously. Learning through play is what the school focuses and I hope you'll fill yourself with good fun everyday. I saw you smiling widely and saying 'hi' to familiar faces today, I sensed your friendliness and enjoyment. You could even open your usually tight sealed lips to tell the teachers your name when they asked you! I was impressed. It's 4 years of time you could be spending in there, till you're 6! Things may change, we might re-locate residence locally or even globally, and yikes, I dislike changes especially with you and didi being at such tender age, but bear with us, it's still the best we will give to you both."
Still, I must say this "Play hard and study hard!" 

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