Tuesday 6 December 2011

Three letter words

I've always wondered how effective can flash cards be. There are millions or maybe billions of words out there, how can a child possibly be exposed to all of them. To begin with, what are the basic three letter words that should be considered suitable and printed onto a flash card, for a child? The maximum letter words in her deck of cards are five letters.

Some time ago, I sorted all the three letter words in Jazz's flash cards for her to recognize. In the beginning, we were on it almost everyday. Now, she's an expert in recognising them. In everything, there's always something to learn out of it, even if anyone thinks it's useless. 

Although I believe her recognition is based more on her visual skills much more than blending the letter, I'm still sure she's learning phonics whenever I read these words for her to pick. For example, if I were to say, 'cow', she could hear the 'c' sound, go for the words that begins with 'c', and eventually pick 'cow' upon hearing 'ow'. Gradually, she'll realise why these words are pronounced and spelt the way they are. She's been learning phonics through songs and during lessons in school, and this is what I call practical lesson.   
Well done in knowing them

Going ahead, I'll be digging out the four letter words to introduce her. And, I must say, the start is always not easy. I struggled with creative ways of teaching and getting her attention focused. The key to being anyone's teacher is that magic potion of patience. At her age, learning has to be fun to keep her interested.

Learning milestone: 2 years 8 months

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