Monday, 5 December 2011

Trip to JB

Together with my Dad and bros, we brought Jazz into JB yesterday. It was a wavering decision all because of this, her current passport photo:

Even Jazz couldn't tell who this was. This is Jazz, not Jare

With this photo, we made it in and out of JB. It really is high time to update her photo. Jare has yet to make his passport, and because of that, we couldn't bring him in. He cried when we all waved goodbye to him and drove off. My boy has grown, separation means much to him now.

We went JB to view furniture for my Dad's new home, after which we had dinner before heading home. It was much time spent on the road, with four adults and one child cramped at the rear seat. When road journey gets long with a little toddler, you'll just have to pull over for her toilet break, anywhere! We were on the highway when Jazz said she wanted to poo, I brought diapers along, but left them in the boot. My bro pulled over for me to take her diaper, but someone suggested her to poo on the greens alongside the highway. It was crazy and of course, we didn't.
She eyed this table which she said she could eat, drink, write and read on it. She could keep her books, toys and crawl beneath it!
It was a long, tiring and rainy day. I would only travel in if some experts were to drive, my bros and Dad!

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