Sunday, 8 January 2012

Farmers' Market

The farmers' market sounds like a place where farmers get together to sell their produce in a market, but it really isn't what the name explains. It's a place of food - produces, cupcakes, pies, wine, snacks and many more. We visited the  place yesterday, happening only the first Saturday of every month, between 8:30am to 2pm. It was a very hot morning when we went, so warm that I couldn't hang around any longer. I felt that most stuffs are more for the Caucasians or rather for people who appreciates a different taste of food, because of the food nature. They are mostly imported and rarely found in the supermarkets. For myself, I marketed for 3 peaches and a packet of corn chips for Jazz, which was yummy! I wouldn't hesitate to go back for more. It's $4 per pack. Oh, and I saw really beautiful tomatoes and parsnips there.

The highlight for kids was the little playground in there, some swings, slide and a trampoline. A friend of mine recommended trampoline as the highlight for the little children. Jazz went bouncing off her feet on it, but it was so warm that I wrapped up her play in a while. 
The little playground
A dual swing for the siblings
The Trampoline

A glimpse of the market
There's a cafe in there, the Pantry cookery school, we didn't check that out, another time perhaps. Instead, we drove off further into Dempsey for lunch at Dome, and little boy got very fussy because he wanted his nap. After lunch, we went to get diapers for the kids at carrefour. With sale, we ended up with 6 boxes of diaper!  
Fussy little boy fell alseep
Tired little ones
Front seat for diapers
When life was just between a husband and wife, hatchback car sounds cute and practical, serving the basic needs of driving to and fro locations. When the first kid arrived, the car irritated me with a car seat and a permanently stored stroller in the boot. Now, with the second kid, a booster seat, a car seat and their stroller. There's hardly any room for sitting! I'm desperate for a change of car.
Look at the hyperactive boy!
My 3 small peaches at $2.50. Yet to taste them
Corn chips produced in Spain - Yummy!

I guess we would probably go to the famers' market again, if my man will wake up early on that Saturday. I want those chips again, get some beautiful parsnips and try some cupcakes from the cafe. And hopefully get to chance upon the paella, a Spanish dish which I've previously read that it was available in there. And maybe seeing some of Jazz schoolmates, we bumped into 2 of her schoolmates while we were in Dempsey.

Did I mention where the place was? It's at: 75E Loewen Road, within Dempsey hill.

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