Wednesday 4 January 2012

First day in school

It was Jazz's first day in her new class, at a different premise. We sent her in and picked her out together, Jare came along when we picked her. Looks like she's adaptive to her new place, except for those watery eyes when we bid goodbye. I peeped through the class window, saw her wiping tears away. Even so, I think she did well on this first day. No wailing. Well, it's just the first day, I hope the week will go well, before we can say we're safe to not expect any crying.

I saw some familiar faces crying as they were sent in and while waiting to be picked. I hope they'll all be able to adapt soon. Jazz was really excited about her day, as chatty as before when we picked her. She gave us a "hurray" when we arrived outside the new school and walked into the school all by herself. Ashame to say, she always wanted to be in our arms as she goes and finishes school, at the previous place. She insists!

And since it's new school, with new teachers, I was more diligent in labeling her stuffs, except for clothings. I expect no mixed up in that though. I sew her name on her pillow, please don't laugh at the unrefined artwork. At least I tried.

On her pillow
On this first day, I am already black marking her teachers. They missed out wearing her undie beneath her leggings. I was upset. It's hygiene and good habit! Yellow card for them.

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