Thursday, 19 January 2012


I am on urgent leave today. All because of this:

Fishballs being quartered for kids
Jazz is having a CNY steamboat lunch in school today. She was supposed to bring fishballs, but we forgot! I left it in the fridge. We were only reminded when teachers asked about it, I was about to tell them forget it, but her teachers mentioned that she might be upset because everyone brought something and they will be presenting their items individually. Sounds like public speaking skills. They even asked if we could get something from nearby convenience store. Thinking we were near home, we went back to get those fishballs sitting in the fridge. We have been busy packing and cleaning our home, so much so that I've neglected my kids 'academics'.

Teachers and us know Jazz very well, if everyone has something except her, she would be very upset. She has a little of 'show off' character, bad I know, but she's still being moulded. I hope she will gradually dilute this part of trait as she grows. We know she has a strong character.

On our way home to get the fishballs, I texted my boss about taking urgent leave, I was extremely late for work already. I thought to myself, even if my career is at risk for these fishballs, it's worth it. Really! For that smile and memory I could exchange for.

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