Monday, 30 January 2012

Lion dance on 初七

Can't believe what I've done on the seventh day of CNY. For the interest of Jazz, I sourced for a 'Lion' to visit my parents' new home. A lion dance troupe I meant. Jazz loves watching lion dance, so I thought it might be interesting to get one to visit her. I was asking around for market rate and happened to find my colleague doing this as his hobby. He recommended his troupe at an affordable rate of $288. It wasn't the high end kind of performance but good enough for us.

Since last Friday, we've been telling Jazz about lion dance coming to our home on Sunday. Next few days when she woke up, she went,"Mummy, What day is it today?" She has been waiting very anxiously. 

My dad wasn't keen about a lion coming to his place, but we just went ahead and invited our relatives over. I gave on the account that Jazz likes to watch. 
The Lion
A resting lion

Daddy's lap - Her VIP seat
The performance was about 10 to 15 mins. The kids were very focused on the performance, but towards the end, little boy dozed off! This must be a tame lion. The young and old loved it, My grandma called to tell me how much she enjoyed, I'm glad. 

It was an entertaining evening. Only one regret, we forgot to picture with the Lion before he left. How could I have released him! The troupe came in two lorries of people, my husband kidded me if I'm sure it's $288 or $1288.


  1. Hey! Long time no see... and omygosh you have two kiddos too! :) WOW!

    Let's meet up one day? Maybe for a play date for the kids? :)

  2. Hi san, it has really been a long time. Yes yes, with 2 kids now... Time flies. Sure, play date for the kids


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