Friday, 6 January 2012

Under One Roof

My parents' new home are almost ready, in weeks time. We've been bringing the kids there occasionally and they really are excited when we're in there. They would climb up and down, walk and run around. Still, my dilemma is still lingering around, should we shift and stay together as a three generations family with different surnames under one roof? My heart and my mind says, 'yes', but I'm not sure how harmonized will we get together.

On the bright side, I love being soaked in the presence of my family. Sometimes, I feel that they don't have enough time for me, instead of the other way round. I'm a big mummy and daddy's girl. Other good reasons include having my household chores taken care of and kids being taken care of when we need help. Hmm, so are good reasons enough to over weigh the bad reasons? I only know I'm in love with the location of our current home.

As much doubts I have, we've got ourselves and the kids rooms ready. Sounds like a decision made.

Js' room with an animal blind that I've chosen

My dad is a very wise man. I always think Dads should live their life of good examples for kids, one that their kids can always look up to and respect. Whenever we have squabbles, my dad always tells me, "做人随便一点". Well, I'm trying. And he would tell me to sometimes act "stupid" such that we will be less complaining over people. Sounds practical at times. And my man would say in other words, "Act blur, live longer." I really have the most "随便” men at home.

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