Tuesday, 3 January 2012

On the First day of 2012

On the first day of 2012, our man brought us to Botanic gardens. In there, we had a very very long stroll to Jacob Ballas, children's garden. The weather was in favour, but too warm for us, especially when we were strolling. Jazz was all good, she helped us by walking throughout, taking care and pacifying didi when he got fussy. 

It was seldom of us to take stroll with nature. We walked through the greens, came by a pond with black swans and ducks, and pigeons nearby. Jare kept trying to chase and reach for the pigeons, while Jazz kept asking me what the black swan was. Maybe all kids think swans are beautifully white.   
Many pigeons!

Trying to reach for one

We finally arrived in Jacob Ballas, I'm already exhausted and felt like heading back home, but I hung on for the kids. Jazz had some fun at the different sections of their play area and her love was the water play. I only brought along an extra tee, and she made play with that. We had a hard time convincing her that it was extra clothing, and that it was fine to get it wet. Jare had little splashes of fun.

Water play always make her laugh

After play, we got really tired, and Jazz didn't nap at all, until bedtime. We had some drinks, fries and ice cream at the kids bar, while the man volunteered to drive the car over. His noble act saved us from that torturing walk back to the car. Thanks man! This is what happens if you plan an impromptu trip, don't know where to go and don't know where to park.
With her favourite ribena
It was also the day when the new seat belt ruling was announced. Although, I thought all along this ruling has always been in place, maybe traffic department decides to work harder in 2012. I tried getting both into their car seat, hoping car ride will be more pleasant for all of us. Botanic gardens is a very short drive from our place, the to trip wasn't too bad until Jare got a little fussy, then I used my 'magic wand' - ipad! It kept him calmed till we arrived. Bad move I know.

Jazz is pretty good in being a cooperative passenger

Like some cars with movie player in the rear seat, except that ours is manual - my hand!

The return drive was another test of their cooperation. They scored well. Jazz entertained Jare, and they were both laughing and giggling all the way home. I wish they found love in their car seat and booster seat. Car rides can be mad with 2 uncooperative passengers.  

Laughing all the way!

Awesome duos!

What a fun new year day out to hang out with nature. I love you kids!

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