Thursday 26 January 2012

We have shifted

While everyone is enjoying the long weekend this festive season, we have been busy packing for our new place, my parents home. The kids love this new place even though it's much of a mess now and we've been so tired trying to make sure they're safe in a whole new environment. They really adapt well.

We've officially evacuated our home. To my home, which will be rented out next month, we bid a fond farewell. Till we meet again. It's a place of much memories. My first owned home, the place I got married and build a family of my own. I was almost teary when we shifted our belongings. I supposed, if it weren't for the kids, I would probably stay put at where I am. It's a place of excellent location, with our work places and Jazz's school within short drives. For Jare, I wasn't ready to be a weekend parent and wasn't ready to ferry him to and fro everyday. Jams and long drives can drive us nuts. I guess, it's a better solution to stay with my parents.

Pillow shifted with us too, he has a bigger place to roam about now. The kids enjoy playing with him!

Pillow being 'tortured' by the kids

They love playing with  each other

It's still more packing and unpacking to go...

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