Sunday, 5 February 2012

CNY performance

It was Jazz's first CNY performance with her school. All this while, only the older kids get to perform during CNY. Her growth qualified her this year. We've been talking and preparing her for the performance. It would be a disappointment if she stood still like her children's day performance last year. It was a promised that she will perform well for us, she knew we would be among the audience. She told her teacher, "I will perform for daddy and mummy to see." "Manage expectations" I thought to myself when her teacher told us. Haha.

It would be a pity if she did not do well for that minutes of show. It takes much practice during their everyday music lessons just for that moment. Yet kids are always full of surprises, never know what you'll get till it happened. To motivate her further, we promised her a pressie if she does well.  

The endless motivation, talks and enouragement worked! She did an excellent show. Even Jare was captivated by his sis's performance. I enjoy watching her video over and over again. Here's a snip of her performance.

Jazz's CNY performance

It was a fun morning in her school, watching all the talented children danced and performed. Even the little emcees were so good! Public speaking at such tender age. I applaud.

Jazz taking her position
After performances, we went round her school for games and some playground fun. Jare enjoyed playing in that big playground. 
Slide play

Jare wana get on the tricycle
After her school's celebration, we headed off to united square for lunch, and at the same time, shopped for her promised pressie at toys r us. Jazz went round, made a few choices and finally decided on her most loved, a little stroller. I was worried about who she would be getting for, so we asked, "A stroller for who?" She said, "For mouse mouse!" Phew. And so wish granted. I was afraid she would tell us that the pram is for little bro.
Pushing her pram around the mall

It was a long and wonderful morning. The kids were all so exhausted when we got home.

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