Monday, 20 February 2012

An evening at RWS

Brought the little ones for a USS night tour, not exactly a tour because we could only walk a portion of the place. The rest were not accessible. It's mainly entrance to dine at their restaurants inside. We went on a Saturday evening and there wasn't any queue to get the $5 entrance tickets, so no worries about arriving after 630pm. The kids were free, so expense was only for the 2 adults. 
Little boy is ever happy about outings
My lucky moment when both kids are well seated
We arrived early to have dinner at the Malaysian food street, which is newly opened. Food was great, place was spacious, high chairs available, nicely embellished, just that queuing for food was bad. I waited about 20mins for my man to get our chicken rice. And I was struggling with 2 kids while waiting, it wasn't easy to keep the boy still. The chicken rice tasted good though. Jare is ever greedy over any food, I fed him some and he loved it. Jazz ate quite a fair bit too. I thought the highlight of the meal was the chicken rice's chilli. It was awesome! I'm gonna pack their chilli discretely the next time I'm back. Ok, just kidding. 

Our long awaited food. Lor mee - My man said was below average.
After food, it was USS! Making our way to the entrance was a long detour because I was constantly catching and leading Jare to the right direction. Spot a little yellow fellow, far away from us?!! The nearer we went, the further he went. He thought it was fun chasing and catching him. 
Theme of the evening - Yellow!
Part of the Madagascar family

After some sight seeing, he fell asleep!
While waiting for the fireworks to begin, we had some snacks at Mel's. One of their restaurant. We were munching some fries and slurping some shake when the man realized the place became gradually empty. He checked that fireworks was at 930pm, but by 9pm, everyone seemed to have evacuated the place, except for those who gotten seats of good fireworks view. The man walked out to check, and evacuated us for fireworks! I wonder where his 930pm news came from. So, it's 9pm that fireworks will spark off. Little boy was sleeping, it was his bedtime, but we woke him up. Fireworks was the highlight of our outing, he can't miss it.  
Milkshake cheers!

Woke him up to watch the fireworks. See that sleepy face.
Jazz cried because of the loud fireworks. A timid she became.
After fireworks, we headed home. While walking out, little boy went back to sleep, he woke up when we got home. That became his nap and both kids had an energetic night till bedtime at 11.30pm. Goodness!

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