Tuesday 21 February 2012

Ice Cream night out

Coming back to the east brings me near to Siglap again. During my school days, that's the stretch of road I would hang around with my friends. Last evening, I was back there after a long time, as a mother with my 2 little ones, a big man and my mum. We were there for an ice cream night out at udders. I came by this outlet last year when my company held an ice cream workshop there. Shall try out what I've learned during the workshop with the kids when they're older. The flavours they carry are exotic and rather unique, my love is the mao shan wang durian ice cream. Yums to the max! Their alcohol ice cream is a never try unless you love drinking. Their alcohol content in their ice cream is pretty high. It's as good as drinking.

Jazz went for the strawberry fields which is yummy too. We tried horlicks, but there's nothing to rave about, I didn't like it. Jare could only go for the waffle, as he was coughing. A nice place in there, crowded on a Monday evening, perhaps it's dessert time for everyone. The only bad was they didn't have a high chair, we couldn't spend too much time in there because of a wandering boy. At the check out counter, they offer complimentary boxes of smarties to top off your ice cream and that made Jazz's evening chocolatey. Jare squashed a box and 'released' the smarties onto the floor. I had to sweep them up, but I love their prompt service, their staff told me leave it and they'll sweep. 

Jazz being more interested in her smarties
Udders is at 87 upper east coast road. Open till 11pm on Sunday to Thursday, and till 1am on Friday, Saturday and eve of PH. We'll definitely be back there for other flavours. It's a rewarding place for kids who have been good. After chocs and ice cream, everyone need a good brush:

Teeth brushing time
For some unknown reason, little boy loves it when I brush his teeth and gums, maybe it feels ticklish. He's ever smiley when it comes to teeth brushing. Funny boy.

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