Friday 17 February 2012

Jare is ONE today

Jare is officially ONE today! We brought him out for some great fun. It was also decided that Jazz will go to school and Jare will get our full attention for the day. There should be moments where each child deserves their individual solo time with their parents. Choose the right moment.

We sent Jazz off to school, told her that didi is sending her to school today without giving any information about Jare's day out. She'll go crazy if she finds out we're on the way to fun without her. After dropping Jazz, we brought Jare for his MMR vacination. What a gift on his birthday. The man said it's for his health and a lifetime gift. Nice gift daddy! Anyway, he did not cry when the needle hit his arm, not too bad for a birthday boy! 

After jab was lunch, he fell asleep after food, leaving me and my man to enjoy some decent meal. We then headed to Kallang leisurepark for his play at Peekaboo. It's free for babies up to 11 months. He was free based on a 'goodwill waiver'. He really enjoyed himself! Just that I was so exhausted for having to climb through the obstacles with him, and we did it thrice! He loved soaking in the pool of balls as well as bouncing on the trampoline. I'm glad he enjoyed.
Did you see his birthday kiss from a nasty mossie?!
Fun on the trampoline!
Obstacles with mummy!
His forte - Climbing
Crawlers area
After birthday fun, it was about time to pick sister, and it was also planned that we'll catch some fireworks and night tour at USS, Sentosa with both kids. We couldn't make it in time because we left Jazz's school without her bags! We were almost reaching Sentosa before realizing it. How blur can we get. We had to go back to school for her bags. For that, we held the principal back for 10 minutes. Glad she didn't attempt to fine us. It was much time wasted on the road with the heavy traffic. It was also torturing to be stuck on the road with a hungry boy. So then, this promised fireworks viewing will be postponed. 

And wow! My boy is ONE, I thought I just delivered him, how did time tick away on us. I've to accept the fact that chubbiness and cuteness will diminish along the way. I'm seeing rascal in the making. I forbid that!

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