Wednesday 15 February 2012

Little Boy's 1st Birthday Party

Little boy celebrated his first birthday last Sunday. We had a little party for him at home. He was smiley and enjoying himself throughout, especially during his cake cutting session. I did lots of planning and preparation for his Big One. I rented toys, prepared goodie bags, games and prizes for little children who’ll be coming, hoping that they’ll have fun. What’s a party when kids don’t enjoy. I created a little playroom for the younger ones and they were in loved with the pool of balls.
Outdoor playground (Night view)
Balloons! Jare loves them.

Ball pool in the playroom

Jare yet to display liking for any characters, so I set a jungle theme for him - Animals! I ordered balloons, cake, party wares, food and on top of these, I finally realized my goal of hand making cupcakes for the kids’ party. Feedback was good, or maybe guests were just being polite. At least, my family liked them. Looking forward to making more!
Jungle animal balloons

Home made cup cakes

Jungle cake
Celebration time
Ready for the party!
Porridge for little ones was ‘selling’ fast, I’ve to admit my helper didn’t cook enough. All in all, I think the kids had fun except Jazz, she was sulking the whole evening and ever sticky to her daddy, wanting to be carried ALL the time. I guess she was overwhelmed by the many kids or maybe she knew she wasn’t the star of the day.

After celebration, it's time for presents. Jazz was helping to open Jare's presents and went, "Why all clothes, no toys?" Hmm, seems like kids prefer receiving toys over wears. Well, they're Jare's presents!

Everyone had fun and thank you for sharing little boy’s joy of turning ONE! Thank you for the gifts and red packets. I felt bad for getting guests to climb up and down the stairs to the party area, as the lift wasn’t ready. 

Here are some useful links I used for party planning:

Party Decorations:
A cheaper overseas site for party stuff, but give ample time for arrival, about 2 months well advanced. They don’t do direct shipping, so you need a concierge, and shipping could be a sum too. Some of my items did not arrive on time, due to some hiccups, singpost - Yikes! I turned to other sources at: 116 middle Road, #01-01 to 03 ICB Enterprise House S(188972), with 3 party stores side by side. I also got some party stuff from the verge at little India, 5th level.  

I love their designs and taste. They are quite a popular choice among parents for kids' party. Email them for more designs. They can custom make too!

Toy rental: 
1. (Rented their pool balls, playground, high chair, kids table and chairs for a week)
2. (Rented their outdoor playground for a month)
I really wanted kids  to have some playground fun, so I decided to make use of some empty space to hold big toys. You might need to compare the rental pricing of a same toy between different companies.

He covered our 3 hours event. I never knew the importance of getting a photographer for a birthday bash until I realized how much I missed out during Jazz’ 1st birthday party. Glad I’ve got some memories captured this time round.

Food: meihao99
Love their braised duck!

Parties are fun!

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