Saturday, 25 February 2012

Mossies little solution

Having shifted to a lower height level, we are experiencing mossie bites every now and then. The man got so many disturbed nights - To stop mossies from feasting on us, he got this little 'toy' from the DIY shop at vivocity. It's affordable and it works! I like it for being also used as a night room light because of it's UV light. We've been using it for a week, some days zero catch and other days a few catches. It's isn't a 100% solution, but good enough. Better than no prevention taken. Hope this is a good way to prevent mossies coming near the kids' tender skin, excessive scratching makes their skin ugly.

$49 from the DIY shop in Vivocity 

 More creepy insects to be dealt with. Scouting around for solutions.

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