Wednesday 1 February 2012

Roll roll bag

Jazz has been asking for a roller bag. It's also a time of age when she sees her friends having it, and starts making requests about owning one. Well, I thought she really needed one. She has been using a naraya bag as her school bag, which I thought was practically big for her school usage. It's time for a cutesy bag now. I got her a minnie mouse roller bag in addition to her existing mini roller bag, which is too small for her day care stuff.

Every monday and Friday, she will go to school with 2 bags and back with 2 bags. One as her sleep bag and the other for her necessities. She sleeps in a different room, so the need to separate the sleep stuff from her necessities. While walking to the car this morning, I snapped this. A little traveller or a little stewardess on minnie mouse airline? Well, I don't hope that she'll travel away from me frequently when grown up, leaving me to only see her 背影 most times. Stick to me kids, for as long as possible.

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