Saturday 4 February 2012

Room for the kids

Jazz is coming 3 in months time. Since birth, she had never slept apart from us, same goes to Jare. We've all been in the same room or sometimes even co-sleeping on our king sized bed. Yesterday, Jazz's bed arrived, the kid's wardrobe too. She really was excited about her new bed, but I'm not sure how receptive she is about sleeping alone in her new room. Jare is pretty much dependent on us still, waking up for milk. Only on lucky days, does he sleep through. I wish he can kick that fuss away.  
Last night was her first night alone, she did it so well. It was me who was thinking all night about her. I slept lightly just so that I could jump when I hear noise from the baby monitor. In the middle of the night, I visited her twice to make sure she was sleeping well. I'm starting to miss co-sleeping with her now. Well, good start, good move. Hopefully, I can migrate little bro over with her soon.

She flipped from one end to the other

A little mattress in fear that she might fall off her new bed
Their room isn't very complete yet. From packing to unpacking, I've realised these kids have been blessed with so many Toys! They are overwhelming the room. I'm trying to declutter as much as I can, but still, something seems amiss. I can't seem to get the ideal kids' room that I've always imagined. If only I've some interior designing talent. Back to the arrangements again.

It's her second solo night today, seems good!

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