Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Toy for bonding

ELC (Early Learning Centre) toys are really expensive. It's for the quality you're paying for I guess. That day, when I brought Jazz to her pd at united square for some rash she had on her face and body, I loitered around the mall for about an hour. For as usual, the clinic wait is long. I love walking into ELC, explore the different toys and creativity they have, but most times, leaving the shop empty handed. Their toys are so expensive and I didn't really think there's a need to pay so much for a toy that the kids wouldn't hang around for too long. 

These days, after having 2, what catches my attention about toys are toys that promote co-playing. I then got this interesting game - Alien pop, from ELC. It prompted me about team play, for the fun and the bonding we can achieve from it. I got it at $44 with some card discount. It's a 2 player game with 2 nets to catch the shooting balls from the alien's mouth. It looks fun and meanwhile, I wanted to test Jazz's reaction and mobile skills, but she wasn't too good at it, though I must say it is a pretty easy game to play. Jareth on the other hand is busy catching the balls with his hands, not following any rules of the game. He wouldn't even allow me to guide him to playing, curiosity overwhelmed him. I managed to build a little bonding among the kids and me. The man was on his gadgets. Men being men.

Reaction testing game
With the 2 little ones playing peacefully

I recommend playing any small ball games on the carpet to increase friction and thus the lessen tendency of balls rolling further. It isn't too fun to be busy collecting the balls at the end of the game.

It was also through this game that I realised Jareth is capable of taking simple instructions. I pointed a ball to him, asked him to pick it up and hand it to me, I'm surprised he could. I tried it a few times, it worked, so I rule out any coincidence. Not too bad for this 12 months young kid.

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