Saturday 17 March 2012

Barney tics!

I don't really like it when the kids are home bound over the weekend with me, doing nothing. As much as possible, I would try to include an activity of the day, be it an outing or home learning. I hope to get them engaged and create some quality bonding. If not, Jazz would be on the TV or ipad most times.

I was planning about what to do today, when I remembered I've bought 3 Barney musical tickets for this evening! That settles my activity of the day. To think that I actually forgot about this purchase until the actual day itself. Well, it was some time ago since I got the tickets. Motherhood is detrimental to memory.

Jare admission's  free

Hope the kids will enjoy. In fact, anywhere with music engages them, they'll dance to it. Importantly, they are great fans of Barney!

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