Saturday, 3 March 2012

Birthday Bouquets

It's my Big 30 tomorrow! A decade away from 20. I thick skinly, very much want to have a birthday bash, but forget it, planning is a chore. 30 is a prime age - still relatively youthful. After that, let's not ask about age. It's about aging gracefully...

My man sent flowers to my office yesterday morning and my colleagues gave me a bunch of broccoli, which we've been joking about when we once saw a broccoli bouquet. It's so practical and I'm gonna cook it. They are really a funny bunch of colleagues. And the joke of the day was, I sent a picture of the broccoli bouquet to my man:

The creative broccoli bouquet
I texted him, "Why like that?" The man was in a serious mode, 20 mins later, he called me for the order number on the delivery slip. I asked him 'what for', and he told me far east flora needs the order number to track if the correct bouquet was sent. I laughed off my chair when he told me that, I couldn't help but laughed and smiled over it the whole day! 

The man defended that he couldn't see the picture clearly as he was under the sun and that the size was not distinct from the picture. He thought it looked like broccoli, but maybe far east flora could be sending one of those. Ok, I'm still laughing over it. It's a lifetime joke to carry with, as I age.

The beautiful yam roses and the practical

When we picked Jazz from school, and showed her the broccoli bouquet, she exclaimed, "Wow! Broccoli." She's in love with it, kept smiling over it. What an easy pleaser - Take note, boys. When we got home, she went round parading and telling my mum and dad about her broccoli. They all had a good laugh with the creativity. 

Happy over her broccoli bouquet

Thanks husband for the flowers and colleagues for the broccoli that gave us such good laughter! 


  1. Nice bouquets!~ ;)

    Happy, happy birthday! The 30-club ain't that scary la. Hahaha...

  2. Hi San, thanks! The thought of how fast life progress after after having kids, is scary. haha.


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