Thursday, 29 March 2012

Birthday celebration in school

We touched down early this morning at 4:30am, took a cab home and I just felt it was a cheap and good ride. After soaking so many days in the premium country, everything in Singapore is affordable. When we got home, Jazz and myself headed straight to look for Jare, we stroked his hair and kissed the sleeping boy before shower. After which, Jazz packed her birthday goodie bag for her celebration in school later that morning. I had everything prepared before leaving on this holiday. All she did was to include the munchies we got from Tokyo Disney resort into the goodie bags. She took a morning nap before heading to school.

Jazz is turning Three this Sunday, but since we were on leave, we celebrated it in school today. I pre-ordered a jelly cake instead of the usual sponge cake. The kids love it, some came to me for second helping. Her classmates are a bunch of excited kids! When we stepped into the class, everyone went, "Hi Jazz, Hi Jazz's mummy and daddy!" Oh man, they are all so adorable!

Jazz hosted her little party by giving out the jelly cake and packed the goodie bags into her classmates bags. To be nice to her teachers, we bought them gifts separately. She had a fun morning. It's back to school and work for us tomorrow. If only holidays are never ending. 
Goodie bags packed and personalised
Cookie monster pairs
Minnie mouse jelly cake

Jare stealing some limelight

Her classmates!

Packing goodie bags into her classmates' bags
Looking forward to singing her another birthday song on Sunday!

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