Monday 12 March 2012

The Bubs Hub

Early this morning, since my man was rarely awake by 9am on a Sunday, I suggested breakfast at East Coast park. However, by the time we were ready to lug 2 kids out, It was probably near lunch time. Still, we made it to ECP. Instead of doing breakfast, we ended up at a play gym which my friend introduced me earlier this week. The Bubs Hub is located at ECP, big splash area, near carls junior.  

It's free for babies below 6 months, and $15 for child above 6 months, unlimited time. It's a very small indoor play area with ball pool, slides, obstacle play and some toys. From parents point of view, I don't really like the place and the turn off was, before we entered, their staff came out with a live cockroach on their mop!!! I felt so irky throughout their play. And Jazz's shorts was so dirty after her play, I guess she helped alot with the cleaning. Their outdoor play was some animal and car rides, with separate charges at $5 per 5 minutes.

My pay out was greater because we didn't bring socks along, so we had to purchase a pair at $3. To the kids, anywhere with toys, balls or slides, it's fun! From kids point of view, I'm sure they enjoyed.
A very small playgym
Few toys for the really young
Ball pool
Jare and the big kid
Jare loves climbing!
Jazz is pretty much on her own now, when it comes to play gym. She can climb, walk and slide the challenges all by herself. I only paid more attention to the little boy. Even though it's unlimited playtime, we rounded up play after 45 mins. The kids got restless and it was also time for lunch. We had a cranky ride home, and when we reached home for food, both fell asleep. That's what fun did to them. They both had very late lunch.

It was nice being at the 'park', enjoying the shade and the aircon. No sweat.

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