Thursday 15 March 2012

Clothes for travel

Spent a sum today on Jazz's clothes. I was packing her luggage for our Japan trip next week and realised that her wardrobe wasn't prepared for cold weather. Thank goodness for Uniqlo and H and M. Travelling to a different climate means expenditure on clothes. And she's gonna outgrow them in no time.

Spent $150 on these!
It's Jazz's 3rd travelling trip. First to KL, second to Taiwan and next week to Japan. I really hope she can help us enjoy the trip by walking on her own most time.

To Jare: "Many times, I appealed to bring you along, but my attempts failed. Daddy thinks we aren't able to handle two little ones. Next time, I promise, it's both or neither. Stay good and well with Grandma. We'll pack goodies home for you!" 

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