Tuesday 20 March 2012

Jare and HFMD

Huge sigh! Jare is down with HFMD, but we're still going ahead with our travelling plans. I just hope Jazz is immune to this strain of HFMD. 

On Sunday morning, Jare developed a fever, but HFMD was the last thing on my mind. He's being cared for at home and doesn't go to school. I really wonder how this happened. Two possibilities:
1. If incubation was 7 days, then possibly from the Bubs Hub playgym we went to. Though there were only two children in there when we went OR
2. If incubation period was between 3 to 4 days, Jazz could have carried the virus home, as there was one case in her class. She might have resistant to it as she had it once. Chances diminishes, especially if a child had it twice. Rare extreme - Thrice!

Whichever the case, the two are being separated very strictly. They are banned from playing with each other and they now sleep in separate rooms. I'm sanitizing everything madly.

On Monday, my mum called me to tell me her suspicion. I didn't buy her, still thinking it's not possible. Until I got home that evening, I started to see spots on Jare. I self-declared him a HFMD carrier. We confirmed it this afternoon with his doctor. Officially, he added a count to the current HFMD statistics, which is peak. 

Spots around his mouth
Today, we spotted more spots and blisters beyond his mouth area. I've no idea why this is called HFMD when it appears beyond the hand, foot and mouth. It's almost everywhere on him. I find him more spotty than Jazz when she had hers at about 8 months young.
Spots on his arms and legs
Huge blister
The thankful thing is that the 'trend' of this ongoing strain seems mild. Little boy is playing and eating well, except for his milk feeds, but he got better today, I saw him down his milk feeds. Tomorrow marks his fourth day on running the HFMD course, 3 more days and he'll be well. Getting it earlier makes it less worrying and paranoid for us when he starts schooling.

"Jare, you caught us. It was a tough decision on whether to proceed with our trip or not. We tried calling the airline and re-arranged our planned leaves, but we decided to go ahead, trusting you'll be well in Grandma's care. You be good and make it easy for her alright? Our promise to you - Next trippy, you'll come along, so stop protesting this way okie. Daddy, Mummy and Jiejie love you! Get well soon. We'll bring many goodies back for you."

Back to luggage packing... 

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