Monday, 12 March 2012


I've been wanting to try Jazz out on painting, but unsure of her capability. I got a painting tool for Jazz at Robinson, ambitiously wanting her to paint the 'portraits' and frame them up. The kids room are pretty plain, so I'm hoping to display some artworks in their room.

Jazz excitedly want to try this new gadget I got her, so I opened and left her to work on it herself. The picture was too small for her to work on. She could hardly paint within the lines. My bad, I overestimated her. Then, I realised this gadget is suited for ages 8 and above, the age appropriate print was hardly visible.

Mini portraits and then framed to become magnets
Leaving her to paint by herself
After painting the first portrait, I took her much bigger colouring book for her to colour. Again, I left her to create her desired outcome. Even though at times, I'm tempted to take over the brush and tell her what to do, what colour it should or should not be. But no, she's on her own to explore. Kids need to freely express at times, for us to study and analyse their character a little.

Her much bigger colouring book
She painted the girl's face pink
While sister was painting, I had to be on guard of this boy
Jazz loves art. From drawing to colouring and to painting, she's ever excited about them.

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