Tuesday 10 April 2012

Forbidden toy

It's interesting that kids love playing with items that are least described as toys. Jare loves playing with the forbidden objects like our remote controls, laptop and the most frustrating of all - tissues! He entertains himself by tearing them up into bits and pieces. I regret buying him toys. I should have just got him 10 boxes of tissues for play.
His messy creation
And he went for more !
Helpful sister cleaning up

It's annoying when I see him grab the tissue for play. His enjoyment at the expense of us having to clean up his mess. Jazz was really nice, she helped to clean up while Jare was still creating mess. When Jazz picked the pieces into the bin, Jare took them out again! Jazz had to clean repeatedly and at the same time, watch the bin. Little boy was scolded by his daddy for his mischief. He's getting more serious scoldings and smacking along the days. Soon, he's going to do his punishments at the quiet corner. Boys being boys... sigh!  

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