Thursday, 12 April 2012

Jare and Infant Care

We made a tough and heart aching decision over the weekend. We've decided to send Jare into the Infant Care. Jare's extremely attached to me, and wherever we go, he would cling onto me. With him so sticky, I wonder how are we going to tackle this part of separation anxiety. My heart will break watching him cry, yet stand helpless. 

An extremely tough decision, but I think this is going to help situation in the home. My mum, my helper and Jare have been the center of our home squabbles. My mum complains about our helper, she thinks she isn't helping much with Jare and the list goes on and on. All these drove me to a heart aching decision.

So then, I called up Jazz's school for a place and got him an entry next monday. But what! The principal told me, it's only a temporary care for him until he turns 18 months. I know I may not need the place after Jare turns 18 months, but what if I still need care for him after that? The school is turning Jare away after that, because they're full for his next progression class. I've never heard of a preschool not being able to provide for a child till he's six. 

Last year, they almost turned Jazz away because of the overwhelming kids moving onto playgroup classes and that I didn't enroll Jare, there's no sibling priority. Seriously, I'm pissed with such system. In the first place, allow supply to meet the demand. Take in babies that the school can hold till they are six. I saw how upset parents were when they were turned away. What pained me, were the children who have spent most time there, adapted well, made friends and then moved to a totally different school. It's not easy on both parent and child. Preschools these days are too profit focus, if only they go the extra mile for parents and children. 

Well, now that I have two kids in the school, are they still not giving me priority?!! Quoting what they told me last year. Maybe in future, balloting and volunteering begin in preschool. 
No more a baby, but a little tot

Ready for school?
Whatever it is, however short the months are, I hope Jare will adapt well. Positively, I'm glad that he's going to the infant care for play, learn, companions, discipline and routines. Most importantly, to learn social skill, which can't be picked from home. Hopefully, he learns to be a little more independent too. This boy definitely need loads of discipline. 

I think and I think , two seems good. Cost of living is too high, especially when I need to outsource my care. Get ready for school day, my boy!

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