Wednesday 18 April 2012

Jare's first school day

My 14 month-er seems to be taking school well. My taken leaves were not very much utilised, I ended up roaming the streets and malls just to be on standby. On his first day, I sat in the morning class with him. He was such a sticky boy, not leaving my lap a single inch. The only time he stood up was for some apples teacher gave out, and for his water when teacher was distributing bottles. There wasn't any lessons that morning, the little ones were doing free play in a room from the time we went in till lunch. I thought, this doesn't seem like a desired place that I wanted Jare in. He needed more than just care, he needs to learn something or be entertained. Well, principal explained that it's a Monday, most kids were not settled and that their class teacher was on leave. Whatever the reason, I'll have to buy it since I've decided to send the boy in.  I recalled Jazz's time was more enriched.

I left Jare after lunch, while he playing and not paying attention to my presence. I popped in again after his shower, teacher reported that he cried and slept for awhile. I peeped into the class, saw him refusing milk and being coaxed to sleep. Upon seeing him calm and well, I left school and came back for him in the evening. He did well, no hysterical cries and ate well. I'm all relieved!

Today, his second day, I sent him in and went off. I peeped from the classroom window outside, he seemed well, except for some crying which teacher distracted him with some toys. I'm comforted by the passion I feel and see in his teacher. I'm not sure if there's any structured lessons, but I shall check out more about their curriculum from the principal. Whatever age they are, there's a capacity for learning. Got to make my fees worth.

Taught him to collect his shoes for wear
I hope he will continue to enjoy his everyday school. "Well done on your school start, my boy!" Felt so familiar stepping into the place where Jazz used to go for about 1.5 years. The teachers are same, the class toys and settings are somehow the same. The moment I brought Jare in, teachers who used to care for Jazz went, "他长的很像姐姐!" and “He looks exactly like his sister!"

Big J OR Small J?

See! I totally agree the Small J looks exactly like Big J. That was Jazz at 14 months. Most said Jazz looks like me, Jare looks like Jazz and this concludes that Js take after me. "Are you convinced, Daddy?"

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