Friday, 6 April 2012

My Three year old

Jazz approached Three, does this mean terrible Two is over? I hope so and I'm looking forward to a better temperament of hers. Her age also marks the age of this blog, three years old. To date, there are 475 posts and 14,522 pageviews. Whoever our readers are, friends or not - Thank you for reading, it's my motivation to blog at times, especially with the occasional comments. I started blogging since the day Jazz birthed. Since then, blogging about the kids has been such a hobby to me. A place where I keep memories and experiences. As regular as possible, with time and energy permitting, I'll keep updates ongoing. In years time, the little ones will know how blessed and mischievous they've been when they read and flashback these memories. Perhaps, take over this blog. 

Back to Jazz. She has grown speedily, to a little mature girl. Here are her goods:
She's able to read and spell some words, she's able to go to the adult toilet bowl on her own, able to wash her hands with the help of stool, remove and wear her own clothes, brush her own teeth, feed herself and some other milestones. 

The bads:
She's good at tantrums, not liking to walk on her own, not sharing toys with her little brother, still on diapers for sleeps and the most ever irritating habit to me - She's still fingers sucking and belly button playing! I really need to play devil to stop these habit of hers.

How fast has she grown and I hope I've been aging gracefully... 

"Little Jazz, may you continue to grow healthy and lovely. I'm blessed to have you as my child and I'm happy to be your Mum. Your smiles and laughter motivate me, and your progresses delight me. Happy Birthday with many great returns!" Love Daddy and Mummy!   

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