Sunday, 29 April 2012

Peek into Js room

After having endless months of brainstorming ideas with my man and umpteen trips to ikea, we finally got the kids room ready. It had been functional all this while, just that the furniture was not very complete and well orientated. I've wanted to get them proper desks and storage for their toys and books.
The ikea trip
The DIY painter
For having kids of different gender, it's always a battle of pink and blue. A way to neutralise the room, was to go for green. So then, our hero painted two opposite walls green. I love the soothing feel it gives our eyes. With much painting, shifting and packing. We finally got their room ready. 

The study and craft area

The only furniture not from ikea were the chairs. We got these from toys r us. Love its back, and for being light weight and sturdy.

The sleep area
Jare isn't ready for an off level bed, so a mattress for him still. The challenge about having two kids is the seemingly need to get two of every items. Two wardrobes, two cupboards, two study desks, two book shelves and the list goes on.

The cluttered area for the bigger toys.
Their room feels more perfect now than before. Not very ideal, but I think it's good enough for them. Though, I'm still thinking of ideas to beautify their room, my juices are dry at the moment. Let me know if you know where to get pretty wall decals for them.
I hope they'll love their room. Enjoy the sisterly and brotherly companion as much as they can before they start to outgrow the siblings co-sleep stage. One bad about them sleeping in their own room is that, they can hardly sleep through a night without waking up to find daddy or mummy. Having them squeezed in our room on the other hand gives them a good sleep. How long do we have to endure this?!


  1. how much is Jareth's bed..i am planning to move the girl out of my room..hahahahah


  2. Yr comment came through. His bed was abt $100+.


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