Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Singkids - T3

I love staying in the east, it seems to have quick accesses to the fun attractions like the East Coast Park, Pasir Ris Park and of course, the airport. We brought the kids to T3 last Saturday for play time at Singkids. It was pretty crowded for it being a Saturday. Still, a promise is a promise, we got the kids in to play at $18 per child for an hour. For having two kids, we could accompany them as two free adults. They really enjoyed and I thought that one hour didn't seem enough for them. The place is clean, and it really was a great workout for the monkeys kids. It involves some climbing with massive physical challenges.
A very short and mild slide
Jare spent the most time here - With balloons!

A little Tarzee - Female version of Tarzan

Balloons to balls pool - His love

Climbing to overcome challenge

Not too bad. She could ride this.

The kids had an awesome evening at T3. A nice and comfy place for them to walk around, without bumping into much humans.

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