Thursday, 5 April 2012

Jazzelle is Three!

First of April marks Jazz's birthday. She turned 3 yesterday. We had a little party for her at home, and invited 4 of her school mates to join her. I thought, it was an opportunity for the parents to meet up and know each other better too. We usually brisk by each other in school when we send or pick our kids, exchanging only few words because of the morning or evening rush. Occasions like these, give us reason to meet up. Kids had fun, parents had fellowship. 

As little as the party was, I have been so busy preparing for it. I ordered her cake and prepared her party wares before our holiday. The goodie bags were flown from Tokyo. Early that morning, I baked cupcakes, like what I did for Jare's. Equal sacrifice. The man commented that I'm doing this as an extra unnecessary effort. Sobs! He doesn't understand a mum's thoughts. And he was out meeting his friends while I battled with the kids and party preparation.  

The most challenging part of the day was when my helper discovered that the minnie mouse, airwalker "walked" away. The attic was usually very windy. The doors were not shut and so minnie flew away. I almost cried when I heard about her disappearance. Not giving up, I activated task force to search around the neighbourhood, and yes! It was found!  
Decorated to her favourite theme. Thanks Mummy J for the table and stools!
Sharing her toys
Love her 3D cake
With her friends

"OMG, I'm three!"
I think the little star enjoyed herself with her friends. She shared her toys and went around distributing her goodie bags, balloons and cakes towards the end. I hope the young and old have enjoyed. Thank you parents and children for coming to celebrate joy with us!

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