Sunday, 29 April 2012

Tough Week

It was a rough week for us. Jare ran a five days fever and Jazz got an unpleasant scar on her face.

I sent Jare to school on monday, not knowing he had a slightly warmer body temperature than usual until health check. Nonetheless, I left him in school until teacher called in the evening to notify of his fever and that he vomited his dinner. 

Along the week, his fever just wouldn't subside, good thing was that his fever never up beyond 39 deg. So then, he only attended school twice this week. His un-subsiding temperature prompted me to bring him to the doctor. He was so unwell that he had to be on the nebulizer this weekend. 
On the neb

Jazz, on the other had become the talk of the school this week. My sister in-law brought her out for their usual dog walk on one of the evenings, an evening that I should have insisted on saying 'No' to her walk because she didn't finish her dinner. That evening, pillow's leash ran across her face, gave her a rope burn and now a drying wound. I hope this leaves no scar. When I brought her to school the next day, teachers and parents who noticed her scar asked me what happened. They must be curious if I've 'abused' her! These days, I've been walking in and out the school gate with curious lookers. 

And this is the price of the rope burn:

At her age, she isn't vain to be conscious about her look, just that her itchy hands are irritating the wound. I hope this will heal soon and restore that supple baby skin of hers. She's been really brave to endure this. SIL has been awarded a yellow card from me.

How tough has my week been. Sleepless nights for the boy and an aching heart everytime I see Jazz's wound. Now, I'm glad that Jare's fever has subsided after beginning his course of antibiotics and I'll continue to pray for my ever pretty girl's face. 

In fact, through this scarring incident on Jazz's face, I attracted many curious onlookers with whatever thoughts they have in their mind. That was when I realised how much courage a parent with a different child must have braced in bringing their child up. Jazz merely had a rope burned wound, and I was already trying to cover her right face with my body or face whenever I could.

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