Monday 16 April 2012

Water Play Date

It's been some time since the kids last water play. Just when I was planning to do water play with them last weekend, Jazz's classmate, K's parents invited us over to their place for a water play date. The kids had fun! Jare was resistant to water play, I didn't expose him much to the pool since birthed. He stood on the pool steps for a very long time before realising it's water play. He then got adventurous, kept splashing water with his hands, didn't want us to hold him and tried to dunk himself into the water! Water-hyper boy. Jazz loves water play, she was all excited and happy to meet up with her friends for water fun. 

After play, the parents and kids had dinner together at Swensens. It was a nice evening catching up with parents and little ones. 
Jare curious about being in the pool

Love the kids chain they formed

This helicopter ride took 5 kids! 4 in and 1 out.
Looking at the enjoyment Js had, I'm determined to bring them for more water play activities. Sundays are meant to be fundays.

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