Monday, 28 May 2012

Beach Fun

It was a perfect Sunday morning. Weather was great, the adults and kids woke up well early. I was planning to bring the kids to the library that morning, but Jazz requested sand play at the beach instead. So then, we ended up at East Coast Park. Mac Donald shifted, and we were there having breakfast at its new location. Seemingly a bigger venue than the previous, with two storeys. Below non-aircon and above aircon. Our perfect morning made it fine to be seated at the non-aircon area, with the breeze.

We felt different upon stepping out of the car, the air smells fresh and the breeze uplifts the mood. Simply feels good. If only such fresh air greets us every morning. I was glad that our hats, shades and sunblock were not called upon. Mr Sun hid very well behind the clouds. The sand was damp from the previous night's rain, which made sand play easy too. The only threat was the drizzle of rain that almost ended our play early. Sand play was so fun that we ignored the drizzle, played on till it ceased.

I'm loving nature, only if the weather compliments. I love giving the kids that ample space to run within the greens. Good for eyes! I don't have to worry about them bumping into anyone, except for falling onto the rough ground and watching out for cyclists and skaters. 
Enjoying the freshness of the air
"Breakfast before fun!"
It was Jare's first sand play. He was cautious about the sand, walking so carefully on it. It took him quite a while before he began to enjoy the texture.
Building sandcastle is teamwork!

"Ice cream please"
He scooped sand and fed himself!!! Not kidding you.
Jare was way too adventurous. He scooped some sand with a little fork he brought along, and fed himself! I didn't even realised the he brought a little fork, he put it into the toy bucket without my notice. After which, he attempted to feed me some sand too. Faint!

Our "sandcastle"

Such fun days are low costs with maximum fun. We spent a good 45 minutes on the sandy beach, without getting any tan. Phew! Leave the vitamin D for other days.

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