Thursday, 3 May 2012

Birthday Party at Gardenasia

Jazz was invited to her schoolmate's birthday party at Gardenasia. Located all the way in the wild wild west, at Neo Tiew Crescent, where all the farms are. We were curious and excited about attending a party there. The journey was long, but the kids behaved well, to and fro. They napped within the journey and that made our ride pleasant.

Party at Gardenasia was a little different from the usual kids toys and gyms. It was all about fishing. The kids were gathered for games before proceeding to fish. The games wasn't too well played for the kids' age group and they didn't have a good sound system for playing music. Most kids were unable to corporate and the weather was extremely hot. 

Fishing seemed to keep most kids interested, though parents did the catching. Jazz was out there with her Daddy under the sun, while I took shade underneath the shelter with Jare. We were fishing near noon, the hottest time of the day. I'm not really sure if our perspiration was worth the efforts of our catch. The fishes were released back to the pond at the end. Our catch of the day were 2 fishes. Not too bad. And actually, the focus was the bond created between parents and children, not the number of fishes caught. If only the weather was more pleasant, I would have helped with fishing. It isn't common for parents to bring kids out to fish. A saying goes, give a child a fish, you feed him a day, teach a child to fish, you feed him a lifetime. We taught Jazz to fish, so we're assured she'll be fed with fishes till old.
Live worms as bait
Waiting for a catch
Got a fish!
Unhooking the fish
With her favourite boy
I guess Jazz had great fun with her friends, especially her favourite boy. They were running up and down the empty pavilion, they had fun just like that. Parties are fun, parties are great. Not a bad place to party, but I would prefer an air conditioned place or perhaps an evening time. A pampered mum here, oops! Interestingly, her party pack given was a pot of plant, which she kept it in her toilet and watered everyday. Thanks for the invite Jer and Mummy XH. 

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