Thursday, 17 May 2012

Chateau wears!

Wardrobe addition for the kids again. HUGE damage to my wallet. But who can resist the rare occasion of Chateau de sable sale! It's once in their 10 years, anniversary sale. Don't question my damage, it's painful. I got a fair bit of clothes and Jazz and Jare. 
Dresses for Jazz
Bottoms and hats for Jazz
Tops for Jare
Rompers for Jare
Bottoms for Jare
I ransacked the sale from 9am to 1230pm. Queuing to enter and pay took up the most time. Good thing I was with my friends to rotate shift duties. I'm a fan of Chateau, for it's designs and comfort. I can't resist, but to grab whatever suitable for my Js. So blur that I actually had 2 pieces for some of the wears! Thank God for friends who took over them. And I bought some for my friends' little ones too. Dresses for girls are just so pretty! 

I need to quit being a shopaholic for kids. Determination please! Did I mention another batch of shopping loot on the way? Goodness! 

Sale running till 18 May (Fri), 830am to 9pm at Hotel Royal Plaza, L5.

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