Sunday, 20 May 2012

Draw a man test

Try this test with your 3 year old child. Give him a piece of paper and pencil, then guide him through:
1. Can you draw mummy?
2. Does mummy have a small or big round face?
3. She needs eyes to see,
4. Nose to smell etc,
5. Is mummy feeling sad or happy today? (Style of mouth)
6. Does she has short or long hair? 

As he draws along, give hints to the missing parts. I tried Jazz by not assisting anything, except to provide paper and pencil, with instruction of saying, "Would you like to draw someone?" She proceeded by telling me she wants to draw Grandma. I left her to try and this was the outcome. 

Missing a mouth?
I hinted as she drew along. "Would popo need a mouth to eat?" "Would she be happy or sad?" She then realised she's missing the mouth. Then I asked about body, arms and legs. She completed the following: 
Picture of Grandma
She got hooked and went on to draw her Grandpa, Daddy, Uncle and Brother. Although her man picture might look the same, I see distinct features in her drawings. As she drew, she thinks and imagines. She went, "Da jiu has a big face," "Popo has short hair." Some pictures with eyebrows too. She had some erred faces which she didn't complete before starting another face on the same sheet, she told me that 'error' was a chair. Maybe it really is.

Her man drawing test
When teacher told me about her drawing my mother's day card, I doubted because I've always been giving her paper and pencils for free expressions, but I've never seen a picture of a man being drawn. I'm now convinced she can draw!

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