Monday, 7 May 2012

Drinks like a king

It's a little embarrassed to share that Jare is still not learning to hold his own bottle during milk time. Or rather, not wanting to. He prefers being served like a king. I recalled Jazz could do it before she turned one. At his mercy, we have to serve him. If not, he would rather forgo his milk. I was wrong to think he would work for milk. 

I've got myself an able helper again:  

Jazz attempted to get Jare hold his bottle too
She really is a darling during the no nonsense moments. Job well done, Big sister! And when you kind of plead Jare to hold his own bottle, this is what he does:

Using his chest as support
What a stunt! I'm speechless. "Jare! Self feed your milk the correct way please."

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