Tuesday, 8 May 2012

First Words

Little boy is getting into words now. Though very much mood dependent when you get him to utter them. He has learnt to utter words like ball, bird, dog, cat, eat and to humans, he can greet po po, gong gong and jie jie, a little of da da and ma ma. Doing seemingly well on the single syllabus words. He does his "Uh oh" really well, whenever he drops something onto the floor.

Yesterday evening, after his shower, I brought him to my mum’s room, and from a distance, he went, “po po’. I was amused. When I brought him near my mum, he went for a louder, “po po.” My mum had been hearing his practices, but yesterday seemed to be well pronounced. My mum’s expression was priceless, her smile stretched from ear to ear. This boy sure knows how to please the older folks. They are extremely happy when their grandchildren greet them. Soon, he’s gonna be my next little chatterbox.

Milestone: 14 months

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