Monday, 14 May 2012

Learning to read

I've recently tried to introduce reading to Jazz. I asked her, "Do you want to learn how to read?" Excitedly, she said, "YES!" I guess, she probably didn't know what she's in for and that this reading journey is for life. 

I totally have no idea how and where to begin. There are so many words in the world! Although, she has been on some 3 letters words on and off, it's time for proper learning. I know she's been on phonics and all she knows, are the sounds letters A to Z make. The letterland series her school is into has not moved beyond ABC, like "Ch, Th, Sh etc." I was looking around for solutions and methods to introduce reading and I came across this mummy's blog:

It has all my solutions! It helped me paved the way to introduce reading. I was really excited in wanting to try Jazz out. I printed and laminated the 3 letter words containing, "at", "ap" "an", "am", "ag","ab","as" "ad" and "ax". That evening, I tried her out. She couldn't read the words, except for those she has seen before like, "cat" and "van." I did it with her everyday, for 4 consecutive nights. For a working mum, giving me 15 mins a day on academic is extremely precious. After my daily efforts, she's still unable to master all the words introduced, even with the fact that she's an expert of the letters' sounds. Is her age too tender for reading or am I'm too eager? Patience rewards, I'll keep trying. I just find it hard to accept when she can't read the words when I put the letters together. She knows her letters sounds extremely well.

Lesson on "at" "an" and "ap"
Jazz kept asking to move on to other words, but how to, when she has yet to master the foundations for reading. I have to keep reminding myself about being patient when it comes to teaching. She has barely started some proper learning, and I don't want to make lessons unpleasant. Looking forward to my efforts being paid off.

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