Sunday, 20 May 2012

Meet the teachers session

Had a parent and teacher conference with Jazz's teachers yesterday. I hope her teachers are not being courteous by singing praises of her. Everything shared about her made us really proud being her parents. Well, of course there are some complaints about her having mood swings at times and speaking quite abit of singlish. My goodness, she has picked up the Singaporean trait. I've begged the man umpteen times to converse proper English with her, if not, go mandarin.

Here's her mid year "report book." Doing very able with her physical development, Self-help skills, Social-Emotional Development and Reading readiness. Her teacher told us, she's the only child in the class being marked all 'Able' to Chinese Language. I hope she'll continue to love the language. 
Motor skills - Pass!
Self-help skills and social-emotional development - Pass!
Reading readiness - Pass!
Understanding body parts, numbers, shapes and sizes - Pass!
Well done in Chinese Language!
Next portion of test is pretty interesting to me. It's called "Draw a man test." Teacher told me this was what she drew, and she's able to draw a decent picture of a man. This being drawn, according to her teacher was her little brother. With hair, eyes, nose, mouth, arms and legs. If you notice, she isn't able to draw the body well. At their age, they know face features very well - eyes, eyebrows, nose, mouth, hair etc. On the other hand, they aren't being introduced to the body functions and they hardly notice the body features. But when her Daddy asked, "Why your picture has no body?" She went "Got! this is the body." Showing us the body and little arms and legs.

More on this test at Draw a man test.
Her drawing of little brother

Notes to parents

This summed up the parent and teacher conference. Jazz is a helpful girl, eager to participate in activities and displays confidence in the tasks delegated to her.

This day, she also brought her art and craft works home. Which she was excitedly telling me about each craft as we left school. Since her infants days, she has been bringing home many pieces of crafts works, and each of them are her pride and achievement. I've finally put up her achievements in her room. My girl has grown!

Craft works for the first half year

Display of works
Little boy on the other hand started school only last month. He had only a little piece of artwork put up, I feel so guilty towards him, for the chances he missed out on creativities since birthed. "I'll help you with more craft, Jare. You'll fill the other half of the wall!"

Milestone: 3 years 1 month


  1. Smart Jazzelle.. Unbelievable that it has been 3 years..

  2. So soon right! Must treasure every milestone.


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