Monday 14 May 2012

Mother's Day thoughts

I'm into my third year of celebrating Mother's day. Jazz drew me a card. Her teacher said she did it all by herself! At least I had my eyes, nose and mouth intact. Jare gave me a paper carnation flower with his hand prints! 
A 'picture' of me and Jareth's little prints
On this day, I brought Js to church for family service. Jazz is missing the church she used to attend near our old place. She's been singing the songs she learnt and telling me how she misses children's church. While attending the service, she gave us peace by entertaining herself with her door gift. Before service ended, she completed these:

One for Jazz and one for Jareth, but both coloured by Jazz
Not very neat colouring but good enough to make me happy. Jare on the other hand, was entertained by a box of pocky! Food - His love. And did I mention, he loves putting all stuff in his mouth, such that he chewed on a yellow crayon over lunch. Goodness! How could I have overlooked that.

My carnations and roses from the Js

My man bought these flowers and proxy the kids to give me. My heart melted when Jazz said, "Happy Mother's day, I love you, Mummy!" And she hugged and kissed me. That evening, I also had dinner with my Grandma, Mum and my kids. A three generations of mothers with great experiences within.

There are many kinds of mothers in this world, with all having the same trait - Great sacrifices. There are mums who have to raise very sick children throughout their life, there are mums who have to raise kids up single handedly, there are mums who have to stay away from their kids and there are mums who are going through difficult hardships just to raise their kids well. For me, I feel bless when I look at the Js walking and jumping before me. Whenever someone tells me, "You're a super mum." I feel praised, but it's nothing compared to greater mums out there.

Mothers are extraordinary beings to me, they sacrifice endlessly and serve the family to the best of everyone's interest. I'm thankful for the everyday I can be Js mummy. I'm thankful for the everyday when my mum and grandma cares and nags at me. Presence being better than presents. It takes one to be a mother, to understand the journey of another mother.

Wishing all Mothers, "A very happy mummy's day. Be blessed!"

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