Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Thinking Corner

Jare has learnt all about self defense, or rather, he has learnt what to do when he doesn't want to share. One of the nights, he was doodling happily on the chalk board until Jazz joined him.

All to himself
He pushed her away, not wanting to share the chalk board. Jazz tried again, and still got pushed away. Then Daddy came into the picture, "Jare, you have to share." Still, this boy isn't willing, he pushed again and this time, he got smacked on his hand and was put to the naughty corner.

This series of punishment pictures is making me laugh and admire his cuteness. Even when he was being punished by Daddy, I couldn't help but to burst out laughing while the seriousness went on.
1. After being smacked, he looked away from Daddy
2. Put to the corner and started to pout

3. Almost to tears. And this made me laughed. Cuteness defined!
4. Staying at his corner till he's 'sober'
I love that series of expressions. Even my man whipped out his camera in the midst of his discipline. Super comical.
After punishment, he shared. Different heights make sharing easy
This little thinking corner worked for Js. After Jare served his punishment, and having reasoned with him, he went back to doodle with a different attitude. Although he isn't expressing himself well with words yet, he's absorbing our words and instructions well.

There are moments when it's Jazz not wanting to share or take turns, she ends up at the thinking corner too. Sharing can be a challenging act at their age, especially when they heart a particular toy. We'll just have to keep emphasizing that sharing makes playing more fun. I feel extremely exhausted when the two are always snatching over the ownership of toys, disciplining them can be very draining. "Kids, please stop driving me mad!"

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